Surpreendentes sintomas de fibromialgia. Alguns deles nunca notamos.

A fibromialgia é uma doença crônica conhecida por causar dor generalizada, fadiga e confusão mental. No entanto, a doença é complexa, pode causar uma infinidade de sintomas e é frequentemente acompanhada de condições comórbidas, como síndrome do intestino irritável (SII) ou síndrome da fadiga crônica. Como a fibromialgia foi formalmente reconhecida apenas algumas décadas atrás, os médicos ainda estão aprendendo sobre a doença e podem não ser capazes de preparar pacientes com fibromialgia para todos os diferentes sintomas que podem apresentar.

To better understand the various ways in which this disease can affect people, we asked our Mighty community to share some of the physical symptoms of fibromyalgia that surprised them. Have you experienced any symptoms of unexpected fibro? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. “Having a pain attack causes me nausea and I feel so bad physically.”
  2. “The implacable itch that appears randomly, has no rhyme or reason, sometimes comes with urticaria or red spots. Itching that is insatiable and moves from one place to another. “
  3. “The constant feeling of being tired. I sleep between eight and 12 hours a day and I’m still tired. “
  4. “Forget the common words I use every day.”
  5. “[Having one] overactive bladder.”
  6. “All the other medical conditions that accompany it … migraine, IBS [irritable bowel syndrome], Raynaud’s phenomenon, chronic fatigue, insomnia and many more.” It is rarely a diagnosis in itself. “
  7. “Sensitivity of the skin. If someone passes by me, even slightly, it feels as if he has been severely beaten. “
  8. “Horrible menstrual cycles that leave me [in bed] with a heating pad in [my] stomach and panting in a fetal position”.
  9. “Feeling” of loop. “I feel like I’m drunk. I even lose my balance while I walk. “
  10. “Occasional blurred vision, even with glasses, as if you were seeing things through the water.”
  11. “The constant headaches / migraines with which I deal daily”.
  12. “Strange skin sensation and lack of temperature control”.
  13. “Absolute Klutziness. I can trip over my own feet and roll my ankles on the grass. It is an extreme case of incoordination. “
  14. “Blisters after being in the sun. Even with the use of sunscreen / without sunburn. “
  15. “I feel that I have insects crawling to the point where I will bite raw.”

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